Codename: Phantom Red


Writing the juicy goodness of the C:PR story!
I don’t really know what I did either.

I don’t really know what I did either.

and draw and ink and line and erase and draw and line and ink and scan and draw


some drawings of my Super hero OC Phantom Red I drew today! The first picture shows references to her costume, the second is an action pose, the third is Phantom Red normally standing (to show the costume when it’s not flying through the air) and the last one are pictures of Eve Walker, who is Phantom Red when she’s not in her super-hero form. I don’t draw Eve enough.

So, for those of you who are super anxious  to read part of my story, calm your buns, because the story is coming soon. Until then, look some character designs of the citizens of Brockton while you wait!

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Welcome to Mary Liz’s blog for her Phantom Red story. I am Mary Liz. And this is Phantom Red’s story blog.

Occasionally I will post new drawings/designs of characters from my story, and soon some of the actual story will be up! Hopefully by the end of this month! 

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Some cool facts about Codename: Phantom Red!


That is how you write “Shadow Heroine” in Traditional Chinese. These symbols are displayed on the back of Red’s costume, and is how Sensei ever writes Eve’s name.

Speaking of good old Sensei, He doesn’t have a first name, but if you were ever to address him formally other than Sensei, you would call him “ShouShen”. Strange how much they resemble each other, considering they’re both bald, holding walking sticks, and eating peaches…..

Phantom Red Original designs

by Mary Liz Hicks


Today, in extra special effort to perfect the art theme of my story, I’m actually going to the Gym and taking a Zumba class, and will study the look of people who exercise to perfect Eve’s “Gym Look”.